Motivation 101

How do you stay motivated? What gets you to the gym everyday? What drives you to get your workout done? How do I keep grinding away towards my goal when it seems so far away? 

It would be easy for me to say that I’m naturally internally motivated and I always have loads of energy to spare on fitness- it is my life after all. About half of that is true. Maybe even less than half. What really motivates me is having a clear, big goal in my head of what I want to accomplish or achieve. Once I have that in my head I write it down. Then I think about what I need to do to get there and those become my stepping stones to reaching the big one.

Now, just know that sometimes you can have all the goals and all the stepping stones and not ‘feel’ like getting your workout done. And that’s OK! Here are my top 10 things you can do when you just don’t ‘feel’ like it:

  1. Put on your favourite gym outfit- the leggings you never have to adjust, the tank top with that sassy slogan, I’ll usually top it off with a big trucker cap- that means I mean business that day.
  2. Make a new playlist – or have one ready for days like this, all the best workout jams in one!
  3. Nail your pre-workout nutrition- extra water or electrolytes? Another Coffee? That go-to banana and spoonful of PB as you head out the door
  4. Phone a friend – Keep each other accountable!
  5. Make a plan before you go  write it down, that way you’re not wandering around the gym aimlessly trying to decide what’s next (I am 100% guilty of this)
  6. New running shoe day – always extra motivating!
  7. Emergency gym gummies- I seriously keep Coke bottle gummies in my gym bag for times like this. 
  8. Sign up for a group class or training session -it’s their job to motivate you, actually.
  9. Go read your goals…I keep mine posted on the wall beside my bike for those boring trainer workouts!
  10. Try it for 10-15 min. If you get through the warm up and are still feeling blah- no worries! Try again tomorrow- sometimes taking a day off is just what you needed!

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