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Pre/Postnatal Fitness

Question: I’d like to begin working out, but i’m pregnant…What do I need to know about exercising??? Every single pregnancy and every single woman is different so it would be impossible and irresponsible of me as a coach to give you specific exercises without getting to know you. That said, there’s a lot of misinformationContinue reading “Pre/Postnatal Fitness”

Pelvic Floor Health and Strength Athletes – We can do better.

This is a big area of growth for the fitness industry, we’re only JUST starting to warm up to the fact that we need to take better care of prenatal and postpartum women- but what about our strength athletes? What about the women who are not postpartum? How do we normalize talking about the pelvicContinue reading “Pelvic Floor Health and Strength Athletes – We can do better.”

Hey Cyclists, your attitude sucks- and it’s hurting our sport.

Too many times I see or hear people asking for legitimate advice when they’re just starting out or near the beginning of their cycling journey and they get responses that i’m sure mean well but are often very expensive solutions to simple problems. That’s problematic for a few reasons. It feeds into the “cycling isContinue reading “Hey Cyclists, your attitude sucks- and it’s hurting our sport.”

Realistic Optimist

My mindset as both a coach and an athlete goes one of 2 ways. Typically, I’m a realist. I take things at face value, I think logically and practically. Sometimes that’s taken as being harsh or cynical. There’s a part of me that absolutely can’t deny is an eternal optimist. I want to believe thatContinue reading “Realistic Optimist”

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